May 16/17/18 - Tacchi Morris 



Performances will be at the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre and the performance dates are 17th - 19th May.



On 11th April 1955, Ruth Ellis shot and murdered her lover, David Blakely, outside a Hampstead pub.  Ellis was found guilty and became the last woman to be hanged in Britain.  


@2K Theatre are excited to offer this wonderful and popular play that explores the private lives of Ruth and her companion hostesses who work in the seedy world of nightclubs that offer more than a drink in the upstairs rooms, but dream of a movie star existence. Why was Ruth she so keen to admit her guilt and why did she offer no mitigation for her actions?


Cast members:

Ruth Ellis, a nightclub hostess: 

Jack Gale, a detective inspector : Richard Hockey

Sylvia Shaw, a nightclub manageress Alison Jenkinson

Vickie Martin, a model and actress : Kerry Chiffers

Doris Judd, a charwoman : Charlotte Briggs


Contact Rachel Buttell 07885 596456 with any questions.

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