Noel Cowards - Still Life and Red Peppers

Noel Cowards  Still Life - the play that became Brief Encounter - is set in ‘Milford Junction’ railway station, housewife Laura Jesson meets the handsome Dr Alec Harvey when he helps remove a piece of grit that has lodged in her eye. What starts as an innocent relationship soon develops into something deeper and more passionate.

Cast  -Alison  Jenkinson - Laura, John Skitterell - Alec,  Jane Burt - Myrtle Bagot, Alan Coles - Albert Godby , Alice Luke - Beryl, Daryl Scribbins - Stanley, Tim Ashmore - Bill , Jason Bowie - Johnnie, Rebecca Beard - Mildred, Val Wright - Dolly Messier and Mike Leach as the Customer


Red Peppers A lovingly cynical tribute to the music hall , is a vaudeville satire about George and Lily Pepper, a pair of acid-tongued music hall artists who are on their way back down the ladder of success.

Cast - Karen Kerslake  - Mrs Pepper, Nick Gibbons Mr Pepper, Tim Ashmore , Jason Bowie , Mike Leach and Jane Dyer


Both plays are from Tonight at 8.30 a cycle of ten one-act plays by Noël Coward. In the introduction to a published edition of the plays, Coward wrote, "A short play, having a great advantage over a long one in that it can sustain a mood without technical creaking or over padding, deserves a better fate, and if, by careful writing, acting and producing I can do a little towards reinstating it in its rightful pride, I shall have achieved one of my more sentimental ambitions.”

Show dates- March 1st Neroche/2nd Othery/3rd Tacchi Morris and 8th Stogumber/9th Hatch Beauchamp/10th Bishops Lydeard- Directors David Northey and Mike Leach -


Tickets available from the Box Office

07943 495088 (for villages) , Tacchi Morris 01823 414141 or via ticketsource for villages at

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